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Your CSEA negotiating team has just concluded another week of negotiations with the Governor’s administration. We said it before and it continues to be the main issue of this negotiation: the Governor wants to shift more of the health care costs to you and your family. We spent a significant amount of time this week fighting to convince the Governor’s staff that our proposals, which focus on slowing the growth of health care costs, are viable and fair. We are proposing cost savings by creating an Alternative Drug program, designing a robust Wellness program, and harnessing the power of tele-medicine - just to name a few. We argued that investments in our proposals aggressively attack ever-rising health care expenditures, while the Governor’s proposals do nothing but shift costs and make it harder for you and your family to survive. While the most intensive discussions this week were focused on health care, the team also looked to tackle other contract articles that we are trying to enhance: Extended Travel – Article 8 Attendance & Leave - Article 10 Review of Personal History Folder - Article 18 Distribution of Overtime - Article 27 In each of these articles your team argued for enhancements. Some examples of proposed enhancements are: increasing the amount employees are paid while on extended leave (ex: deployments) raising the maximum amount of sick leave employees are able to accumulate lifting the current cap on family sickness/bereavement leave giving arbitrators the authority to craft a more appropriate remedy when an employee is skipped for overtime While we argued for enhancements in these articles of the contract, the Governor's Administration put forward proposals that included concessions and other language changes that are not in your best interest. Many of you have sent emails back to us asking what you can do to help in this negotiation. You have already helped by being part of the Contract Action Network and spreading the word about the current negotiations. Now we need you and your co-workers' real-life stories about what paying more for health care would mean to you and your family. The Governor needs to get the message!!!

Please email us your story to:
Thank you again for standing with us.

Considering Retirement?

Saturday, May 14th, 2016
10:00am @
Region 1 Headquarters

In order to assist our members who are considering retirement, we are hosting a retirement seminar with representatives from New York State Retirement System, the New York State Deferred Compensation Plan and More focused on Retirement.

You MUST register by calling (631) 462-0030



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In addition, A Targeted Tuition Program for Welding is available.  Click here to learn more.

Call For Volunteers

May Commencement Ceremonies May Commencement is scheduled to take place on May 19 & 20, 2016. The Office of Conferences & Special Events is seeking volunteers to assist with the ceremonies. Volunteers are needed for the Doctoral Graduation and Hooding Ceremony, Baccalaureate Honors Convocation, and Main Commencement. There are also opportunities to assist with the Grad Fair and Ticket Distribution. Please clink the link below to volunteer.

CSEA Holiday Party Pics

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CSEA Local 614
A04313 / S04124

First- please call your local Assembly Representative, and State Senator and urge their support.
Secondly- call Assemly Speaker Carl Heastie at (518) 455-4800, and Senate President Dean Skelos at (518) 455-3171 and urge them to "get the Bills language into the budget resolution".

The legislation is currently awaiting action by the Governor.
This bipartisan bill would allow all honorably discharged military veterans to buy-back up to 3 years of pension credit for their military service.
Currently, veterans who served outside of specified time periods and locations are not eligible to receive the same benefit.


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