Dear CSEA Members, 

As of March 31st 2021, CSEA and the State New York will no longer have a collective bargaining agreement.

The benefits of the present agreement will stay in effect until one is reached (see the Triborough agreement). The purpose of a collective bargaining agreement is to achieve and maintain harmonious relations between the employer and the labor union, to provide for equitable and peaceful adjustment of difference which may arise and set forth the understanding reached between the parties with respect to wages, hours and working conditions of employment. The parties to this agreement share a common commitment; to provide high quality of service to the public efficiently and effectively.

The state of New York should be committed to the collective bargaining relationship with CSEA and should strive to maximize compensation for the workforce employed by the state of New York .The objective is also to provide high quality working conditions and to enhance ongoing relationship of trust and respect. With that being said Brothers and Sisters this is our contract, it’s neither staff nor CSEA leadership’s collective bargaining agreement. It is the membership that has to live with the terms and conditions of the contract; the same membership that provide Public Service Excellence throughout the state of New York.

I’m going to be honest with you, Brothers and Sisters ~ CSEA Region 1 is under- represented in this round of upcoming negotiations.  That was a choice of CSEA leadership in Albany. But like I said, this is our contract, we hold the sole discretion of the ratification of the agreement. In other words, we have the power. Soon, we will have the opportunity to have our voices heard. You need to exercise this right to the fullest extent.

This up and coming contract needs to address our needs. Increase in location pay for CSEA Regions 1 Long Island, Region 2 New York City, and Region 3 Westchester County.  Brothers and Sisters, we are drowning in utility bills, property taxes, and are in need for a significant increase in location pay. Increase triple the amount of compensation of inconvenience pay. In the Administrative unit, compensate support staff with extra service pay when they are assigned extra duties and temporary tasks outside the scope of their civil service job title. Develop a third tier for health insurance premiums for just spouses. Increase the amount of hazardous duty pay and have strong and specific contract language for certain circumstances when facilities must compensate employees automatically without delay when subjected to hazardous working conditions.

Let’s continue with significant, respectable contract raises. Two percent is not a respectable raise. Increase the amount of tuition vouchers. This is our opportunity to improve our quality of life. We must stand together~ contact family members and friends to get on board and exercise their rights for a decent and respectable contract. This decision and power is in our hands Brothers and Sisters -not staff, CSEA leadership or management. Bottom line is, if it doesn’t fit our needs, we need to make it loud and clear we will not ratify garbage.  It’s time to stop accepting the crumbs after everyone else has gotten a big slice of the pie. This is the time to unite and move in concert as one.

Carlos Speight, President
CSEA Member in Good Standing