Greetings Brothers and Sisters: 

We are in the season of engagement. We must be engaged with our union, we are in the mist of negotiating our collective bargaining agreement with the state of New York (go to website to sign up contract negotiations updates). We must also be engage politically, knowing what’s in the governor of New York budget proposal (

Involve yourself in contract negotiations. Ask your local union officer’s about the contract ratification process once they receive a tentative agreement. Engage yourself by speaking with your fellow members to stand as one in making sure the results of negotiations meets the needs of the membership. Make sure your fellow union brother and sisters know that if there is not an eight thousand dollar increase in location pay that all 2700 members from bargaining units ASU, ISU and OSU at CSEA local 614 will vote NO on the contract. At a minimum, if there is not a four year, fourteen percent wage increase; all 2700 members at CSEA local 614 will vote NO. If there are no provisions for extra duty pay for all three bargaining units we will vote the contract down. Brothers and sisters, if the contract doesn’t fit our needs, we must vote it down. Send the negotiating team back to the table to negotiate a long overdue fair contract that addresses the cost of living increase and the needs of the membership.

We must start networking with other local union brothers and sisters and let them know it’s time to stop picking the crumbs off the floor or eating the scraps out of the dogs bowl. It’s time to sit at the head of the dinner table and be served the best cut from the prime rib. We cannot settle. We must take a stand. Without struggle there is no progress. With a stroke of a pen we can start paving the road towards progress. Engage this political season. In the governor’s budget proposal she wants to give a three thousand retention bonus to patient care employees. What about the state workforce that worked during the pandemic from 2020 to present that worked at state hospitals and mental health facilities and reported to work? Give everyone hazard duty pay. In order to retain employee’s you must pay them a decent wage and insure the workforce is working in a harmonious, healthy and safe work environment.

Addressing these issue will improve the retention of the workforce in health care and mental health facilities. Call (844) 956-2891 , follow the prompts to tell your local official to FIX tier 6 and replace the retention bonus with hazardous bonus for ALL state employees that work in healthcare and mental health facilities during the pandemic. Folks, that’s labor union engagement. Showing everyone you have a voice. This is your contract. You have ownership and pride in your job. You have worth and need to be compensated appropriately.

In Unionism
Carlos Speight
CSEA local 614 President