MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT 2018-05-15T14:55:47+00:00

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

As the month of June draws near, public unions across the nation are patiently resonating for the US Supreme Court case, Janus vs AFSCME decision. Over the last couple of years, your union, CSEA, has worked vigorously to disseminate information concerning the real truth about “Right to work laws “ and the adverse effect of the Janus vs AFSCME decision will have on all public unions across the nation, if the US Supreme Court rules in favor of Mark Janus. But as I stated, “YOUR UNION”, CSEA has been going door to door educating the membership about the importance of organized labor. New York State elected officials have also acknowledged and recognized the importance of organized labor, especially in the public sector.  The most recent acknowledgment came in the form of amending the NYS Taylor Law (see latest news). No matter what decision will come down from the US Supreme Court, public unions in this country will be resilient and stronger. I and your Local Officers are focused and honed in, not only to make CSEA the leading union at Stony Brook, but also the leading union in New York State. . I will conclude with these parting words: We should walk by faith even when we cannot see.

Sincerely yours

Carlos Speight

CSEA Local 614 President Stony Brook